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Russia increases export of Russian cinema and animation

RAFA newsOctober 20, 2014 00:00

The major international market of audiovisual programming for all platforms – MIPCOM was held on 13-16, October. This year 13 500 representatives of cinema and TV-industries, 4 500 buyers and almost 2 100 companies from 107 countries took part in the exhibition.

As a part of MIPCOM, two Russian stands – RUSSIAN CINEMA and RUSSIAN ANIMATION – were working this year. The stands, organized by Cinema Fund with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, gathered together the leading domestic companies, which produce and distribute the content internationally. With active government support the total number of Russian participating companies has increased one and a half times comparing the last year and the number of presented new products reached a record with 30 films, 11 TV series and 37 animated projects. By the results of MIPCOM, the total amount of concluded transactions as a part or RUSSIAN CINEMA stand has exceeded 2 mln. Euro. Within the next three months after the final contracts negotiations the final results of the market will be summed up.
The greatest demand among Russian animation projects belonged to animated series Alisa Knows What To Do! produced by Bazelevs, Riki Group and Studio Moskva, based upon books “Alisa’s journey” by Kir Bulychov. An opportunity to participate in the exhibition of kids entertainment content - MIPJunior, the team of the film got as a special prize for the winning in the nomination ‘series with the highest international potential’, co–established by Reed MIDEM, the organizer of international markets of audiovisual content in Cannes – MIPJunior and MIPCOM. At MIPCOM the producers of Alisa presented to their foreign buyers for the first time not only the animated series, but also its full–length version. Alisa Knows What To Do! has been sold to Israel, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. In these countries the series will be on federal channels in 2015. In near future, the territories of North America, Canada, Australia, Asia, Scandinavia, France and Italy are expected to be covered. Bazelevs Distribution, the world`s distributor of the project, noted a great interest to the full-length animated film, which was launched to production this autumn. The negotiations about the cinema release are conducting with several major distributors in the USA, Canada, France and Australia. The film release is expected to be scheduled in 2016 in these countries, simultaneously with the premier in Russia.
Valeria Dobrolyubovа, a head of sales, Bazelevs, noted that lots of foreign buyers pointed out the high quality of Russian 3D animation. Elena Malenkina, a project producer, underlined that international distributors confirmed their readiness to import to the American market Alisa`s licensed products, which is currently producing in Russia. “We are extremely interested in our partners` concernment of supplying product on American store shelves”, – added Malenkina.
As a part of MIPJunior, where the project was presented, the series was performed in general digital library of animated projects. There is a list of TV-channel buyers interested in the series: Canal +, TF1 (France), SVT (Sweden), RAI (Italy), Radio Canada (Canada), KiKA (Germany), Czech Television (the Czech Republic), MTV OY (Finland), Disney Japan/UK/Deutschland, IRIB Media (Iran), Al Jazeera Children Channel (Qatar), NRK (Norway).
The successful sales launch at MIPCOM market became a result of a carefully elaborated and planned promotional campaign, organized as part of RUSSIAN CINEMA & RUSSIAN ANIMATION stands and also due to support of a French company Reed MIDEM, pointed out the highest international potential of the project and invited Alisa`s team to present it to foreign buyers.
The most successful for today Russian animated series Masha and the Bear keeps covering the new territories. The Masha and the Bear company has successfully finalized several deals on the 1st and 2nd seasons of its same named series, having conquered kids and adult audience of many countries, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia and the whole Latin America. Thus both seasons was sold to Portugal. The new series are going to be aired on TV-channel SIG and pay channel Panda, broadcasting in Portugal and Spain. The 2nd season of Masha and the Bear was sold to Great Britain, Italy and Benelux countries. In Italy it will be aired on RAI channel, where the 1st season was presented with great success a year and a half ago. Also, the 2nd season will be shown on ZAPP and VRT channels, broadcasting in Benelux countries. Besides, Vladimir Gorbulya, a head of licensing of Masha and the Bear Ltd, informed about the signing of the contract for the licensed production with Dutch Cookie Company, which will cover Benelux countries.
For the first time at the world`s market was presented a unique project, focused on the youngest audience (0-3 year-old) - an animated series Leo the Inquisitive Truck. The new of Project First’s product was interesting to buyers from India, France and Spain. During MIPCOM, the prior arrangements were concluded on the sale of VoD rights on these territories. According to Vladimir Nabatov, a head of licensing and purchasing, Project First, a Norwegian TV-channel got also interested in Leo the Inquisitive Truck: “It was the 1st product sale experience and a hope in half a year on MIPTV we will work more intensive and productive with channels”, – added Nabatov.
Volgograd Animation Studio NEBO presented in Cannes their animated series The Bubbles. Simultaneously with the beginning of MIPCOM, on the 13th of October the premier of cartoon took place in Ukraine, on a major local TV-channel Inter, to which the series was sold earlier. In the near future the studio is planning to finalize with its partner, a British company Media I.M., distributing the project, deals on selling of TV-rights to major kids channel of Middle East NBC 3, broadcasting in 23 countries, and channels Bright TV & JKN Global, broadcasting in Thailand. Besides, the company has reached the final agreement with Russian channel Karusel (scheduled - since October, 2014) and a new TV-channel Mult (broadcasting since Jan, 2015). Also, an animation studio NEBO announced at MIPCOM the launch of its new project – an educational series for kids 0-3 year-old, the 1st series will be presented in Cannes next year.
Traditionally the high activity could be seen around Wizart Animation projects. A new animated series Yoko generated a high interest at MIPCOM among buyers from Indonesia, Turkey and Middle East countries. An adventured fantasy story, oriented on kids 4-6 years old, is now in co–production of Russian studio and Spanish SOMUGA. The representatives of Australia, Turkey and Asian countries got interested in a full-length project by Wizart - Sheep and Wolves (2015).
The oldest Russian studio Soyuzmultfilm continued the realization of rights for Soviet cartoons library. Besides, at present moment the studio elaborates an animated series for co-production with China. The cartoon creators` idea the project to become an international project, focused on world`s audience. During MIPCOM Soyuzmultfilm has managed to reach a preliminary agreement with Chinese partners.
As a part of RUSSIAN ANIMATION stand was firstly presented software Cerebro – the project management system for collaborative work with visual content. Konstantin Kharitonov, CEO and the founder of the company, pointed out a high interest to the product from producers of audiovisual content from Asian countries: South Korea, China and also Malaysia and India, where the software has been already used. “In fact, we open a technical opportunity for animation studio to work distantly both with Chinese and Hindus, as our software is used by everyone who has a great part for outsource”, – Konstantin noted. – “We consider this to be a good result for the first time, taking into account that everyone buys and sells content at the market, but we sell software”, – he added.
Masterfilm Studio hold a series of meetings on the own produced animated film The Magic Tower. According to the market results the company is going to continue agreements on cinema release terms in India with Toonz Entertainment, a distributor. The purchasing of TV rights is on the stage of negotiations with Kids TV (Denmark), IRIB Media Trade (Iran), Duck TV (Slovakia), Zebra TV Channels (Israel). The company also had talks on the possibility of co-production with FILM.UA, an Ukrainian partners.
Production center Age of Aquarius presented their animated series for pre-school children Bims (co-production of Russia, Great Britain, New Zealand and China). Dmitry Pisarevsky, a producer, highlighted, that to promote the best opportunities for the project for further word`s distribution, it was important for the company to get the consultation of experts when the project is under development . “Creating Bims we tried to avoid the authenticity as possible and aim at the international co-production. The communication with foreigners helped to avoid lots of problems. Now we took everything into account, improved and began the product promotion, which we are ready to launch in production”, – Pisarevsky added.
On the threshold of the Christmas season, a new film Paws, Bones & Rock'n'roll, by one of major Russian producing and distributing companies Bazelevs, generated a high interest among buyers, the premier is scheduled on Jan, 29. The Russian film about two dogs` love – Pirate and Yoko – is expected in Turkey (the purchasing of all rights, including cinema release is on the stage of negotiations), Australia (TV) and France (all rights). The deals for these territories will be finalized in this November, during AFM, where the company also will be presented as a part of RUSSIAN CINEMA stand.
Bazelevs Distribution announced their appearance on Israeli market as well as a direct distributor. Exactly in a week, on Oct, 23, simultaneously the Russian release, the sequel Kiss Them All 2 by Zhora Kryzhovnikov to the most profitable film in the history of Russian cinema Kiss Them All will hit the screens of the Israeli network YES PLANET.
An action by Andrey Volgin - Spiral was sold to China. Right after censoring, this film will be seen in CNR. Russian World Vision (RWV), a distribution company, pointed out a high interest of Japanese buyers to Fort Ross by Uriy Moroz. All rights, except cinema ones, are planning to be sold to this territory. One of the top positions in the distributor`s set is series Insomnia attracted the representatives from France, Germany and several Asian countries. VoD-right for Kazakh-Russian tragedy The Witch's Brook and comedy Zombie Holidays 3D were sold to South Korea.
The interest to the first presented at market a scale historical drama Ekaterina exceeded all expectations. According to Maria Dorokhina, a head of international sales department of SOVTELEXPORT, the film about princess Sophia Frederika`s fate, Ekaterina the Great in future, is expected in 30 countries worldwide: Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Turkey etc.); North and South America (USA, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Chilly, Brasilia, Mexico); Middle East countries (Iraq, Iran, UAE, Syria) and Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Philippines).
The representatives of Bulgarian of TV-company BTV Media Group was the first who made a commercial offer for buying rights on Ekaterina. The contract on Ekaterina and series Demons were signed with distribution company for the air on Serbian state channel RTS, as well as the series Ash, which contract is on agreement stage now. Besides, the agreement for license transfer of series Demons to a Swedish TV-channel Axess TV was concluded. SOVTELEXPORT managed to reach the preliminary agreement on the set of feature films with the representatives from South Korea (VoD-rights). The USA cable channel confirmed buying the license on series Einstein. Theory of Love and The White Guard, feature films Kandahar and The Spy.
In general, the representatives of SOVTELEXPORT pointed out a high international buyers` activity. According to their own estimates, the growth is 15% comparing the last year. Especially, the company executives emphasized the positive dynamics in cooperation with potential partners from North and South America and the increased number of new partners from Europe as well.
The word mouth among Planeta Inform Film Distribution set of projects keeps bringing new clients to the feature film Metro. At MIPCOM Russian buyers discussed deals with USA, Romania and the countries of former Yugoslavia. TV-series Rasputin, Catherine the Great, Headhunters and The Three Musketeers attracted buyers from Germany, France, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, India, Iran, Spain, Brazil, Greece and Finland. The deal on the arrangement of VoD-rights set with South Korea will be finalized by the end of the market.
A tragedy The Son by Arseniy Gonchukov, performed at MIPCOM by Production Center Art-Leader (the first prize at XXII film festival … in Vyborg), generated high interest among buyers from USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy. Sofia Madyarova, a film producer, said: “The deal, on which we began to work at Toronto market, on selling rights to one of the major North-American territories, is close to finalization. An agreement with several German companies to continue our communication in Berlin, where in late November-early December 2014 will be performed as a part of 10th Russian Cinema Week, is reached. On the whole, we can say that the work on/as a part of RC stand was fruitful and encouraging us concerning further film sales.”
American Film Market, held in Los-Angeles, USA, on Nov, 5-12, will be the next market to present RUSSIAN CINEMA stand.

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