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Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi! celebrates its 50th anniversary

RAFA newsNovember 28, 2013 16:16

Russian television program for children Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi! (Good Night, Little Ones!)  celebrates its 50th anniversary. The first episode of the program aired on September 1, 1964; but, as a matter of fact, the creation of idea, script and design of puppets and decoration were made before its broadcast date, in 1963.    


Since its first days the program was planned as a bedtime story; the main subject of discussion was the name. There were many ideas put forth such as An Evening Tale and Bedtime story; and the final name of the program appeared on the eve of the first airing.


At first, it was a live broadcast because there was no opportunity to record the program. From time to time children aged 4-6 years took part in the program along with eminent guests – famous  children`s authors, script writers and poets Eduard Uspensky, Andrey Usachyov, Roman Sef, Pavel Barto, Aleksandr Kurlyandsky.


Famous and beloved of all puppet characters Filya, Stepashka, Khryusha and Karkusha became a symbol of the program. Many honoured actors have been providing their voices for the characters, including O. Chabanuyk, S. Grigoriev, N. Golubentseva, G. Burmistrova, actors of Moscow State Puppet Theatre named after Sergey Obraztsov and other theatres. 



Among the program's presenters who were highly recognized by the audience were Valentina Leontieva (in the 1960s and 1970s), Angelina Vovk and Tatiana Vedeneyeva (in the 1980s). Current presenters include Anna Mikhalkova, Oksana Fyodorova and Dmitry Malikov.



Current presenter Oksana Fyodorova

The program begins with the short conversation between presenter and puppets and finishes with learning a moral lesson. After a minute or two the presenter introduces a short cartoon. In 1970-1980 as well as Soviet cartoons producers showed Czech animation The Mole, Polish cartoons Bolek and Lolek and Reksio. The lullaby Spyat ustalye igrushki (Tired Toys Are Sleeping) opens and closes each episode, accompanied by elaborate clay animation.



In 1991 the program was under the threat of closure but due to heavy support from its fans, the show returned to air.


In its 50-year history, Spokoynoy nochi, malyshi! received nationwide recognition and became the symbol of continuity of generations. 


The program is three times TEFI award recipient in the category Best Children`s Program.


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