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Members of the State Duma have examined urgent issues of the Russian animation

RAFA newsNovember 17, 2013 16:29

A round table discussion concerning legislative proposals supporting the Russian animation industry took place at the State Duma Committee for Culture on November 11, 2013.

The meeting was led by Elena Drapeko, First Vice Chair of the Committee of Culture. Among other participants were Lyudmila Shvetsova, Deputy Chairman of the State Parliament of the Russian Federation; Sergey Belyakov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia; members of the Federation Council; representatives of Presidential Administration of Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Russian Animated Film Association; representatives of  animation studios and TV-channels.

Ilya Popov, President of the Russian Animated Film Association, entered the meeting and recited focal points on the list of proposals. The proposal which was put forward was the introduction of reduced rates of insurance contributions for the members of animated films industry.  

Second proposal dealt with the loosening of legal restraint of advertising demonstration in children programs. Popov raised the question of rights consolidation of government in full support of production of films and series. He also touched upon the problem of legally fixing the time of federal channels given to programs for children.

Among other issues placed on the table for negotiation were the following: establishment of tax concession, reimbursement of expenses by the government for the equipment obtained, development of technological conditions of the industry, rights protection of the Russian animation characters, and supporting of the long-term special purpose programs such as the foundation of the Russian center of animation on the basis of animation studio Soyuzmultfilm.

According to Dmitry Loveyko, Head of the Animaccord studio, the lack of the government support in dubbing films in Tatar, Bashkir, Yakut and other languages complicate the task of animation industry developing and its spreading throughout the country.

Sergey Belyakov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, promised that all issues brought up to the discussion would be examined  obligatorily.

Concluding the talks, Elena Drapeko asked the participants of the meeting to hand in all proposals in a written form to the Committee of Culture within two weeks. These documents will provide the basis of a final document of further actions concerning the issues of animation industry in Russia. 

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