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The 11th International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” has opened in St. Petersburg

RAFA newsNovember 05, 2013 22:56

The 11th International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” is held in St. Petersburg (Russia) from October, 30 to November, 10.

Organizers of the festival provide different venues for art classes and workshops, such as Rodina Cinema Center, Leningrad Documentary Film Studio and Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Multivision program consists of more than 200 films of best world animation made by winners of leading film festivals.

The festival program includes Like Rabbits (Osman Cerfon, France), the story of the fish-headed man; Sherlock Holmes and little black men (Alexander Bubnov), the film which refers us to a famous picture of director Igor Maslennikov. Other Russian program films are the following: Long bridge of desired direction (I. Maksimov), Snowflake (N. Chernyshova), Obntzbncha (M. Luschik), Pike and Cat (A. Koshelev), The Wound (A. Budanova).

Among foreign animated films which are worth mentioning are these shorts: Drunker than a Skunk (B. Plympton, US), an adaptation of Walt Curtis’s poem about a Cowboy town that torments the local drunk; Dji. Death fails (D. Voloshin, Moldova), the short about an unusual death which cannot take away a man soul; 850 meters (Belgium) is a short about one not-so-brave knight who should slay the dragon that holds his fair lady captive; Women's Letters (A. Zanovello, France), the story of the nurse who patches up injured faces of soldiers with love letters which have the power to heal the wounds; the short film Blue and Malone, imaginary detectives (A. Lopez, Spain) dwells on the story of a little girl Berta who hires two imaginary detectives, blue tiger and a plasticine dog, to find out why her brother no longer wants to play with her; creators have combined reality with animation after the manner of Who Framed Roger Rabbit; the animation A Talk About Samson (N. Embon, Israel) brings to push the viewer to redefine their attitude to the biblical figure of Samson.

A big variety of techniques and visual imagery in films also deserve attention. Viewers can see new techniques presented in The Lab produced by Autour de Minuit, Move Mountain  (Kirsten Lepore, US),  The Banquet of the Concubine (Hefang Wei, France).

The special guest of the festival is Luis Nieto, French animator, who is going to conduct workshops with students and professionals of animation. Traditionally, Multivision becomes a venue for art classes of plasticine and stop motion animation for children.

The Closing Ceremony of The 11th International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” will be held on November, 10 with awards giving and presentation of The Best of Multivision 2013.

 The International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision” is organized with the support of Committee of Culture of St.Petersburg.

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