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Russia takes part in ASIFA Film exchange program of animated films

RAFA newsNovember 05, 2013 20:07

We are pleased to inform that Russia is a member of ASIFA Film exchange program coinciding with International Animation Day (IAD). During 2 weeks before and after the 28th of October, the date of the International Animation Day, more than 100 countries which participate in the exchange program present their best animation films without any limitation.

Beginning in 2005, a system of program exchanges has existed by means of the programs proposed by national groups of ASIFA. Russia has taken part in ASIFA Film Exchange since last year. Seven countries – USA, Australia, Israel, Portugal, Poland, Bosnia and Egypt – have already shown an interest in Russian film exchange program.

In the frame of ASIFA program foreign audience will see Russian films which have already received recognition from the public, such as Obntzbncha (M. Luschik), Snowflake (N. Chernyshova), Don't Forget to Take your Belongings When you Leave (N. Bisyarina), Quiet, grandma is sleeping! (A. Dyomin), Aldar and the grey wolf ( R. Sharafutdinov), Primeval Dad (V. Danilov), The Wound (A. Budanova), Long bridge of desired direction (I. Maksimov), The guest on a horse (A. Svirsky).

Russian audience had an opportunity to watch diverse animation programs from around the world on the 1st of November at the cafe Sisters, Pokrovka, 6, Moscow. 

 ASIFA was founded in 1960 in Annecy (France) as a membership organization for animation artists. Now it has 30 chapters around the world and comprises honorary members like famous Russian animators Yuriy Norshteyn, Eduard Nazarov, Aleksandr Petrov, Vladimir Tarasov. The goal of ASIFA is to promote art of animation through the showcases, workshops, exhibitions and programs. 

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