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CEO of the “Aeroplan” producing company: The fixies – is an animation brand with a big future in a licensing sphere

RAFA newsOctober 03, 2013 19:03

Interview with Georgy Leonardovich Vasiliev, CEO of the “Aeroplan” producing company:

The fixies – is an animation brand with a big future in a licensing sphere.

“The fixies” animated series has been on air of the “Spokoinoi nochi, malyshi!” (author’s note – most popular TV-program for children in Russia) TV-program for two years. According to the contract, Aeroplan expects to provide for the screenings to VGTRK total amount of 104 of the animated series episodes.

Rising animation project “The fixies” brings some pleasant news to its creators every day. One day you suddenly find out that brand recognition amongst families with children under 10 years old achieves 67%, and another day you find out that amount of internet requests for the brand name has increased by 5 times.

The idea of little people, who live inside machines and devices, has come many years ago. Soviet editorial critics used to make a prediction: “The book will do a lot of harm, because children from all the country will immediately start to screw off and take washing machines, televisions, fridges and vacuum cleaners to pieces searching for little guarantee people. And all children will be electrocuted”. Nevertheless the book has been published five times and the idea of people living inside machines and devices has provided the basis for a large project named “The fixies”.

Though the Fixies seem to be a little bit international thing (the title was formed of two English words: the fixies, fixer – a master, troubleshooter, pixie – a fay or an elf, and it’s quite understandable for foreigners), the series is deeply Russian by its spirit. It is an embodiment both of Russian esthetic and cultural stereotypes and Russian animation traditions.

Georgy Vasiliev: “This brand has a strong market potential. Much stronger one than an average animation brand has. Firstly, thanks to the fact that our heroes have unique features, slogans, supporting attributes. Each of them has a market potential. For example, the “Tydysh!” sign, a pen – is a kind of a quality label: “Tested by The fixies”.

Internal licenses sales department of the “Aeroplan” company was established in the beginning of 2013. Brand licensees pool currently consists of such market players as: “Eksmo” Publishing house”, “C-TRADE”, “CentrumLand”, “Next-time”, “Confytrade”, “Noviy disk”, “Concept-Style”, “X-Media Digital”, NOW.RU (“Seychas” CJSC), YOTA (LLC “More”) and Rostelecom. Licensing program is extending month by month. However, many attractive and beneficial product groups are still free for licensing now.

We are now seeking for a co-producer to launch a shell program for a tablet PC – “Fixie-Shell”. Tablet PC is getting more and more popular amongst nowaday parents as a baby-sitter. Furthermore, the majority of these tablet PC’s is used both by children and parents. To avoid of the parents’ files or settings being damaged by children, for example, we’ve developed a new product concept – this is a shell-program, under-operational system Add-in, imitating the operational system, which a child would easily understand. It gives an access only to those resources, which were approved by parents. We’ve addressed to Yandex, Google and Microsoft to offer this concept.

Another important project is developing of a kids gaming portal – Fixie-Club. We are working under its creation together with one German company. A full-scale program of support and promotion of this portal has already been developed.”

Hopefully, the better licensees realize that “The fixies” – are not only kind-hearted and funny little people but also a well thought out brand, the more product categories will be involved in the licensing process.

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