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Students of Gobelins have come to love the pencils from the Russian stand

RAFA newsNovember 13, 2013 20:17

Six colored pencils from the Russian stand presented in Annecy have become a favorite art object of students of French school Gobelins. At one of the workshops first year students chose pencils as a central subject for their photo shoot.

Sixteen wooden pencils of different sizes, from 1 to 2,5 meters, were presented to the school Gobelins by the Russian Animated Film Association last summer after the International Animated Film Market (MIFA) in Annecy. This present was made in sign of the friendship and cooperation of two countries in the animated film industry. The conception, design and assembling of the stand were made by the PROdvizhenie team and Union of Moscow Architects.

A number of obstacles such as the weight of the present and difficulty of its transportation did not hamper its conveyance to Gobelins. The art object found its place at the main cinema hall of the school. The hall bears the name of school founder Pierre Ayma. There are many showcases, workshops and events held at the hall. 


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