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Russian animation for export: Russian Cinema Fund will support best local animated project sales

RAFA newsOctober 10, 2014 00:00

Moscow (08/10/2014) – The major international market of audiovisual programming for all platforms – MIPCOM will be held on October 13-16, 2014 in Cannes, France. Anticipating MIPCOM, MIPJunior, the showcase of entertainment content for kids, will also be organized here, on October, 11-12. Annually these events gather more than 13.000 professionals and leaders of cinema and TV industries from all over the world for best experience exchanging, and also for project presentations, establishing a partnership and making deals on buying/selling various types of rights for content and brands using.

The Russian animators keep strengthen their positions at the world’s market by presenting competitive domestic animated projects. During MIPCOM there will be the stand of RUSSIAN ANIMATION organized by the Cinema Fund with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The stand will bring together the leading Russian companies which produce and distribute animation products internationally. At both pads – MIPCOM & MIPJunior – everyone will be able to meet the best cartoons from Russia. This year the new projects of domestic cartoons will be presented at Russian Animation stand, including full-length films, series, apps for smartphones and licensing programs. The whole range of educational animated series, focused on children of preschool and primary school age will be offered.

According to Russian experts of entertainment industry, the animation is the best-selling Russian media product today. In this regard, the Russian Cinema Fund pays close attention to this direction. In less than two years of working at stands on international markets, the brand RUSSIAN ANIMATION have become a really recognizable practice of modern Russian animation and drew international market professionals` attention. The initiative of the Cinema Fund and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to unite under one brand the domestic animation companies is the strategic step to the building of the new partner relations and long term cooperation between Russian producers and their foreign colleges, and also, this promotes the image of Russian animated cinema.


There are the participating companies at Russian animation stand: Creative and Production studio Soyuzmultfilm, Wizart Animation, Animation Studio Melnitsa, Studio Moskva, Masha and the Bear, Masterfilm Studio, Production Center Riki, Studio NEBO, Aeroplane Productions, Age of Aquarius, AA Studio, Project First, X-Media Digital, PinkWing, D3 Media, Zadorin Entertainment, Private Technologies, Russian Animated Film Association, Cerebro.

The oldest domestic studio Soyuzmultfilm will present to foreign buyers their new projects. Firstly, this is a puppet series Hoffmaniada based upon the E.T.A. Hoffmann’sworks. The animated images of the series were created by the world famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin. The work on the cartoon hasn’t been completed yet. One more animation in the set of the studio at the production stage is Suvorov. The cartoon tells about the great Russian commander’s deeds. Besides, Soyuzmultfilm will present the new series of a legendary animation journal Merry-Go-Round (1969-2014), which became one of the most popular programs for kids at the local TV with over 45 years of airing. In 2014 the team of famous domestic animation directors joined to the production of the project and they “breathed a new life into it”, heaving started a new stage of development.

Wizart Animation will be focused on the promotion of the animated series Yoko for kids 4-6 years old, by Russian–Spanish co–production. The first 4 series will be presented in Cannes. Also Wizart will keep on selling their full-length projects – Sheep and Wolves(2015)and The Snow Queen 2 which has recently been grown by a star cast. Animated characters will be dubbing by Sean Bean, Sharlto Copley, Bella Thorne and Isabelle Fuhrman. The release of The Snow Queen 2 is scheduled on January, 1, 2015. Theatrical release starts in Russia, Poland, Israel, NJS countries, South Korea, Middle East countries and Great Britain at the same time.

Famous Russian Animation Studio Melnitsa will present at the world’s market an education animated series for preschool children age Luntik and friends (2006-2014) and The Pooches(2010-2014)created by order of the TV channel Russia-1 and also the cycle of full-length animations based on Russian folk epics and tales Three Bogatyrs.

Studio Moskva will present a large-scale multimedia project Alisa Knows What To Do! based upon the famous fantastic books “Alisa’s journey” by Kir Bulychiov. “Alisa” consists of just launched a full-length animated film, the proven series, a licensing program and applications for smart phones. The animated film is scheduled for spring 2016, while the first season (15 series) is on the air with high ratings on one of the major Russian TV channels – CTC, as well as on kids channel “Karusel”. An opportunity to perform the products in front of the forum participants, the team of creators got as a special prize for the winning at the XIX open Russian animation festival in Suzdal as the animated series with the highest international potential. This nomination was co-established by Reed MIDEM, the organizer of MIPJunior. World’s distributer of the animated film and series is Bazelevs Distribution, which could be seen at MIPCOM, at Russian Cinema stand.

Masha and the Bear will present at the market their animated series Masha and the Bear (since 2009) and Masha’s Tales (2012) having already gained huge popularity among children all over the world. The 1st season of Masha and the Bear was sold on more than 100 countries, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia. At the exhibition the company is going to finalize several deals for the 2nd season of the series, which will be completed totally by Feb, 2015 and “cover” such areas as Spain and Portugal. The production of Masha’s Tales will be continued. The 1st season of the cartoon has already been showed in France, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Masterfilm Studio will present a historical fantasy The Magic Tower. Previously, as a part of the project, the same named mini-series (8x13') and TV flesh-series (26x11') were released. At MIPJunior buyers will have a chance to meet the first full-length film of the original trilogy The Magic Tower, which production is completed. The second part is under production at present moment.

According to Julia Osetinskaya, a head producer of Production Center Riki, MIPJunior and MIPCOM are one of the most important markets of a year for the company. As the main goals Riki sets searching for new distribution partners, analysis of the current situation on the market, thus, mainly, the company will focus on successful presentation of its new film Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon (2015) and keeping interest to earlier projects Pin Code (2011), Kikoriki: Team Invincible (2011), Kikoriki: The New Adventures (2011).

Studio NEBOwill bring animated series The Bubbles for the second time to MIPJunior and MIPCOM, which is the main project of the studio at the present moment. The release was on YouTube in July, 2014 and in the middle of October The Bubbles will be on the air. This year the company presents the 1st season, announces the 2nd one and performs the new formats: Stereo 3D and 4K.

Aeroplane Productions will carry on talks with TV Channels and licensing agencies on their series The Fixies. The Fixies is a part of scale media project, oriented on wide international audience. Project development began in 2006, at present moment the cartoon was sold to 60 foreign countries, including the Asia-Pacific region (Discovery Networks), East Europe (Minimax) and others.

Age of Aquarius will perform their animated series Bims for preschool children age, co-production with Russia, Great Britain, New Zealand and China. The cartoon will be released in Russian and English. In Russia the release is scheduled at the beginning of 2015.

AA Studio will bring to the market series of their own production Tishka the Train and Rabbit's 10. To the present moment, there are 2 seasons of Tishka the Train were released, the third (2015) and forth (2016) ones are in production. Rabbit's 10, an animated series about little animals, came from different countries to the international summer camp. The release is scheduled on December, 2014. Studio 100 Media, a German agency, will provide international sales of the projects.

Leo the Inquisitive Truck (2014-2015), an animated series, the new product of Project First, will be presented at the world`s market for the first time. Leo the Inquisitive Truck is a unique project, oriented on the youngest audience (0-6 years old). The conception of the cartoon is based on the target of the development of children`s logical thinking and concentration. The views of the first series on YouTube reached the number of over 10 mln for 5 first months. According to Vladimir Nabatov, a head of licensing and purchasing departments of Project First, Leo the Inquisitive Truck is successfully being distributed in “new media” both in Russian and in English. The company expects the animated series will be interesting to foreign TV-channels and VOD-platforms. Concerning participating in MIPCOM, Vladimir added: “Our company both produces and distributes kids` content. It`s hard to find a platform both for meeting foreign producers and offer our projects to potential buyers and partners at the same time. This is a great opportunity to meet the latest tendencies and to have a look at your own development strategy in a new way.”

X-Media Digital will offer the promotion and sales of their education animated series for younger children The Colouring Book (2013), The Little Princess (2013) and The Magic Pik, whose Russian release was on October, 2014.

PinkWing will take part in MIPJunior for the first time and will present animated adventure series for kids Carrot City.Eugenia Milutina, a head producer of the project: “During a few years we were busy by other projects and were elaborating Carrot City at the same time. Now when we have got a balanced product with strong potential for further development, we decided that the moment when we can appear on the international scene with our animated project came. At MIPJunior we would like to meet foreign colleges for possible co-production and also we are interested in searching for investors and distributors”.

D3 Media will present animated adventure series for the audience over 16 years old Secret Agents. The characters of Secret Agents don’t sleep at nights, work 24-hours a day for our country`s sake and daily save the mother land from the world conspiracy and universal evil. Exactly thanks to world famous action genre, the project, as its creators consider, has good perspectives for successful international distribution. The series is on production stage now, the release is scheduled in prime air at the Russian Chanel 2X2, on Spring, 2015.

Zadorin Entertainment will offer for pre-sale one more cartoon where children have to fight for the saving of the planet Earth. In fantastic animated series D6 children of 7-9 years old are using their talents in various spheres, resist the group of evil space pirate. The first season of D6 consists of 26 episodes. The Russian release is scheduled on 2015.

Private Technologies will present scientific-popular animated seriesInnovators tells about the scientists` inventions. Each episode is based on the original ideas and great inventions of Russian scientists. The production started in November, 2009, the first episodes were released in 2011. The main goal of the project to show to children all over the world that knowledge open lots of opportunities and an innovative approach to life makes a man intelligent and successful.

This year at Cannes, you can meet not only with Russian Animation Studios, but also with Russian software!
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To find RUSSIAN ANIMATION stand: Croisette Village, C16.A7, October, 13-16

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