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French Gaumont film company has become a distributor of the Russian project in Europe

RAFA newsSeptember 09, 2013 19:27

French Gaumont film company has distributed the Russian animated project.

One of the largest companies of film industry Gaumont has become a distributor of the Russian Lullabies of the World project in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and Germany. The most important fact is that the project will be shown not only on TV, Internet or DVD but also at cinema-theatres.

Arsen Gottlieb, producer and author of the Lullabies of the World, believes that this event is quite important for both world promotion of the project and Russian animation in whole.

Lullabies of the World is a scale project which quite new for Russian animation. First series were on screens in 2005. Lullabies of the World has received high critical praise within Russia and won a number of awards at film festivals (Golden Fish Festival of Children's Animation, White Elephant National Award of Film Critics and Reviewers and Open Russian Festival of Animated Film). The project was supported by the Ministry for Culture of Russia and Cinematography of the Russian Federation.

The project is made at Metronome Studio and directed by Yelizaveta Skvortsova. These lullabies are based on the history and traditions of different countries from all over the World and, metaphorically speaking, present a music and ethnographic journey. At the moment 60 series have been completed.

The project and special exhibition Behind the screen. 21 artists of the Lullabies of the World are scheduled to be shown at the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow) from September, 14.

Metronome Studio is famous by Lucky!, Lullabies of the world projects which can be seen on Carousel channel dedicated to children and youth. New full-length animated film Old Khottabych will be presented at the Film Market of the Cannes International Film Festival this autumn.

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