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«The Snow Queen» is popular among distributors

RAFA newsSeptember 09, 2013 19:20

“Wizart Animation” studio has concluded a number of successful business transactions regarding “The Snow Queen” feature film sales, also started to sale their new animation projects “The Wolves and the Sheep” and “The Snow King” in Cannes.

During the Cannes Film Market “Wizart Animation” made a deal with Vertical Entertainment company to screen the film in USA. “Wizart Animation team created an amazing story for all generations,” – says Rich Goldberg, a representative of Vertical Entertainment – “One of the best films we’ve ever seen on the market. We are happy to have this transaction made and be able to show this film in the USA.”

A film release agreement with a Swiss company Ascot Elite Film was signed to release the film in Germany.

Moreover, the biggest cinema network «Kinostar» on the territory of former Yugoslavia will release the film in December of the current year. The film will also be screened in Hungary and Bulgaria.

“The Snow Queen” distribution deal negotiations are still on in China, Spain and Latin America.

After a successful launch of the first studio’ film in South Korea, Israel, Turkey and Brasilia distributors have shown a great interest to new company’s projects, pre-sales stage of which began in Cannes.

“The Snow King” is a follow-up of the first studio’ project “The Snow King”, that was released internationally in December, 2012. “The Snow King” movie as well as the first one is produced by Timur Bekmambetov. Audience will see the next part of the Orm’s story, who has become a troll’s hero after he’s victory over the Snow Queen. But that’s not enough for him and he is exaggerating his own merits and adventures, he is cramming. What does it lead to? A funny and dangerous experience will help Orm to understand, that he can’t get friends, happiness and true love by trickery.

An American scriptwriter Neil Landau was involved in working at the “The wolves and the sheep” project. Neil Landau won a Goya prize (Spain) for the best script adapted to a film “Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones”. “The wolves and the sheep” is a story about a young wolf, which wakes up as a sheep one morning. The film producer Sergey Seliyanov – “We have a wonderful story, that all people of all ages can understand; we have a strong team of producers, consisting of Russians and Americans; we have a strong casting, which will have to sell; we have a strong production team, which created “The Snow Queen” and we have money. Actually we have everything. The Wolves and the sheep are attracting me both as a producer and as a filmgoer. I’m happy to be a part of this project”.

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