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Vadim Sotskov, CEO of the company KinoAtis: The first film was shown in 160 countries and it was translated on 45 languages

InterviewOctober 04, 2013 19:05

On the eve of the biggest international film markets MIPJUNIOR (5-6 October) and MIPCOM (7-10 October), we proudly present interviews with studio general directors, that take part at RAFA booth. Interview with Vadim Sotskov, CEO of the company KinoAtis:

Please, will you reveal some of the secrets of the second full-length animation movie, what adventures are going to happen with the main characters?

Second movie is the continuation of the first. Some strange and unexplainable  events which  are putting life of all mankind and common existence of the whole planet Earth under the great risk have started to happen on Earth! Different things and subjects which value can hardly become overrated have started to disappear from the Earth’s surface in mysterious and absolutely unexplained way: couple of Egyptian pyramids, Statues of Easter Island, Stonehenge, Statue of Liberty and even the cologne of the President of America and the monument of Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa (Worker and Kolkhoz Woman) are missing! What is this - secret tests of the top secret mysterious weapon, strange impact of the black hole on our Planet or is it simply the beginning of the world’s end? In the atmosphere of the total suspiciousness and the common distrust an international community and the leaders of the major powers  taking  an absolute maximum of efforts are are  trying to reveal the reasons of the madness which is happening all around in a desperate try to stop an oncoming disaster. The world's  leading scientists have discovered that the trace of the unknown aggressor is leading on the dark side of the Moon. And then appears the question – who ’ll start an investigation of the mysterious disappearances? Only the bravest, the most experienced, the first  astronauts in the world;s history, team of Space dogs - Belka and Strelka’ ll be able to reveal the mystery of the century. I won’t disclose further development of the story in terms you’ll be able to watch the movie on the big screen soon.

Who took part in writing of the screenplay? How radically has been changed the team staff and the principles of work in comparison with the first movie?

There was quite big group of authors who took their part in  work under the writing of the screenplay, but the main role was played by two of authors-John Chua and Sergey Moskvitch. I'd like to name also Victor Strelchenko who has helped us to unite parts of the story into organic whole and to polish the story on the final stage. We’ve also changed way of work. During the working process under the second part of the movie the director’s group was deeply involved in process of work during writing the story.

Will the release of the second part of the movie impact on the TV-series having the same name (new characters, new turns of the story etc)?

No, it won’t. Maybe we’ll use the new characters from the second full-length animation movie. Most likely we’ll launch the new TV-series which’ ll be based on the second movie, the second TV-series ’ll differ from the first TV-series, and, of course, the name of the new TV-series will be different.

How successful is your work with the foreign film distributor? Do you think that participation of the foreigner within promotion team of the movie is obligatory and that it’ s the only chance for Russian movie to make the project successful abroad?

It’s very successful. It’s hard for me to assess if the presence of the foreign distributor was obligatory and that if it was the only chance for Russian movie to make the project successful abroad, but everything has turned out this way for us: American company Epic Pictures Group has made the maximum quantity of efforts for successful promotion of the movie worldwide. I think that the universal formula providing the worldwide success to the movie simply doesn’t exist, as doesn’t exist the ideal way of searching for distributor. I know examples when western distributors weren't able to promote worthily very strong Russian movies on the world market. I can only say that the distributor in the same way as the producer should believe in the huge potential of movie. Success is possible only under this condition.

It’s very fashionable tendency nowadays in Russia to make patriotic movies, in this context Space Dogs can be possibly named as the best example of how the funny story for kids and deeper meaning can be successfully united in one movie. Is this theme popular on West? What are the aims for promotion of this film abroad?

Yes, this is popular theme. And the result is confirming this: the first film was shown in 160 countries of the world and it was translated on 45 different languages.  The movie should be universal and understandable for viewers of all over the world to reach the world success. That’s why we are inviting foreign author for work during the writing of screenplay. Also we pay lot of attention to the high quality of dubbing movies in English language, it's based on fact that in particular the English version of our movie was demonstrated on all of the world content markets.

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