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Tatarmultfilm studio CEO Marat Ganiev: It is very important to show Tatar folk lore in such unique form

InterviewOctober 03, 2013 19:51

On the eve of the biggest international film markets MIPJUNIOR (5-6 October) and MIPCOM (7-10 October), we proudly present interviews with studio general directors, that take part at RAFA booth. Interview with Tatarmultfilm studio CEO Marat Ganiev:

Tell us about the projects you are going to present in Cannes?

We are going to make presentation of the project “Kyrmyskazki”. It is a fascinating film serial about the life of diligent, quick-witted and good-natured ants. Each episode is based on one of the Tatar national proverbs, which are the grains of the country lore. We are sure, it is very important to show Tatar folk lore in such unique form. We were striving to depict Tatar national character, which is very hospitable and open.

Is it possible to captivate the foreign audience not having gained the hearts of the Russian audience?

There is of course such theoretical possibility. But one should remember that we have different cultural codes. The conceptualization of people in globalization conditions is naturally unified; but nevertheless, the national cinematography shall have to develop.

Tell us about the studio staff?

It is young and talented. The average age is 27. This year we have been awarded the Republican price of Musa Dzhalil for collection of Tatar cartoons. This price is awarded for the contribution made by the talented youth into the development of culture and art.

What is important to be carried to the attention of the foreign audience? What is easy and what I difficult for its perception and approval?

The interest to the country on the part of the foreign audience usually occurs due to the certain reasons, including 5the political ones. The wave of interest caused by “perestroyka” have somewhat receded. But nevertheless, we would like to open our original identity and show our national character to the western people.

Why is the Russian animation perceived in the West as depressive? To what extent this prejudice is still in force and does it influence the sales process?

This is the point of my dissent. Soviet cartoon animation has always been the ray of light in the depressing atmosphere of the soviet propaganda machine. Soviet cartoons became the revelation in the West. The issue of the present day concept of the Russian animation shall be addressed to us, the Russian animated cartoons’ authors. It seems, that it is the live, positive may be childish animation is needed now, and not the pretentious specimens of the so called “auteur” cinematography. Cartoons shall be liked by children first and foremost. And do you know many of the Russian price winning festival cartoons, which children watch with pleasure? That’s what it is!


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