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The Results and the Winners of the 7th Big Cartoon Festival

FestivalsNovember 21, 2013 17:05

The 7th Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow which is one of the most prominent international animation reviews in Russia finished on November, 11. This year the Festival took place at 17 venues and presented 350 films from different countries. The Festival run within the support of the Moscow Government, the strategic partner of the Festival is the Mikhail Prokhorov’s Fund and OOO Komus. There was a large-scale program held in the framework of the Festival, lots of exhibitions, lectures, meetings and workshops of animation practitioners and theorists.  Mikhail Aldashin (Russia), Yuriy Norshtein (Russia), Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland), Koji Yamamura (Japan), Alexander Bubnov (Ukraine), Joni Männistö (Finland), Piotr Kardas (Poland), Pyotr Anofrikov (Russia)  participated in the Festival and shared their ideas and experience with the audience.

The Premiers block shown  brand new Russian animation features and sets of foreign art animations, including new Italian Pinocchio (Elo D'Alo), French My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill (Marc Boréal and Thibaut Chatel), The Congress (Ari Folman), Jasmine (Alain Ughetto), and Consuming Spirits (Christopher Sullivan).

Another premier presentation was dedicated to Russian series project called The adventures of Alisa produced  by Moskva studio and Sukharev Tower produced by Master Film Studio. It's a series about the adventures of two children in different fantastic worlds. So-called Sherlock's Party was held in the framework of the Festival. There was the director of the animation series Sherlock Holmes' Adventures Mr. Alexander Bubnov presenting the new episodes.


This is the second time Big Cartoon Festival has organized the project AnimaLab which became a workshop for 15 students from 8 countries. It contributed to professional development in animation of students from Russia, France, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel, and Finland.  Professional animators Aida Zyablikova, Natalia Berezovaya and Vlad Barbe supervised the AnimaLab project. The results of the work were demonstrated at the closing ceremony. The AnimaLab project was held within the support of the French Institute in Moscow, Polish Cultural Institute, the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia, German Goethe Cultural Center, Czech Center in Moscow, the Embassy of Israel in Russia and the Embassy of Finland in Russia.


The charity program took place in 9 cinema centers, including Zvezda, Sputnik, Berezka, Vympel, Iskra, Molodezhniy, Polyot, Salyut, Yunost`. In total they warmly received 8500 viewers from orphans homes and shelters.


The closing ceremony of the program for children was on November, 10 in Pilot cinema. The results of voting were announced on November, 11 in Khudozhestvenniy cinema.  


Winners of the Big Cartoon Festival


The Premieres block:

1st  place - Pryg-Skok («Прыг-Скок») by Leonid Shmelkov;

2nd place - The Hotan Carpet TaleСказ хотанского ковра») by Natalia Berezovya;

3rd place - Long bridge of desired directionДлинный мост в нужную сторону») by Ivan Maksimov;

               and  Aldar and the grey wolfАлдар и серый волк») by Rim Sharafutdinov.


The Winners block:

1st place -  Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart, UK;

2nd place - Women's Letters by A. Zanovello, France;

3rd place - I’m Tom Moody by Ainslie Henderson, UK;

4th place - Rabbit & Deer by Péter Vácz, Hungary;

5th place – Demoni by Theodore Ushev, Germany/Bulgaria/Canada.


The program for children

1st place - To the South Of the North by Andrey Sokolov

2nd place – Kostya by Anton Dyakov

3rd place - Khot-dzhazz by Elena Tikhonova


The best episode of the series is It is Hard to be Small from Masha and the Bear. Anna Budanova with her short The Wound was handed over this year's Critics' Choice prize.


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