RAFA is Russian animated film association. RAFA represents the interests of the Russian animation industry and helps to create favorable conditions for the effective development of animation in Russia and worldwide.

RAFA represents the interests of animation studios of all sizes, as well as individual flmmakers working in animation, including independent directors, production designers, animators etc. The association also includes organizations which are involved in animation: TV networks with an interest in animation, distribution companies and Internet companies, that is, all organizations whose business is related to the field of animation and who are interested in joining forces.

  • • If you need to communicate with any Russian studio, organization or animator,
  • • If you need assistance in participation in festivals and film markets in Russia,
  • • If you need to organize the presentation of your services to Russian partners,
  • • If you need talents and studios for co-production

RAFA is proud to present opportunity of Russian animation to you. Today RAFA is 40 best Russian studios that able for cooperation with you and 200 animators, composers, producers etc that would like to join your team.